Saryk Türkmen Aÿna To:rba, animal trapping, decorative hangingGalerie Turkmen rug displayAhal Teke Türkmen çuwalSaryk Turkmen Torba with silk 18Saryk Türkmen çüwal

Galerie Türkmen

Purveyors of fine antique and semi-antique Oriental rugs and textiles. Specializing in 19th century Central Asian Türkmen textiles

Galerie Türkmen acquires and sells rare antique Oriental rugs from the 19th and early 20th century looms of the great tribal and city master weavers of the Near East, the Middle East and the Far East. Galerie Turkmen engages in all phases of collecting, including conservation, maintenance, insurance appraisals and curatorial research.

We offer consummate expertise in the upgrading of existing collections. We also consult and locate special antique rugs for discriminating clients.